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The Law Office Keča Uroš was founded by Keča Uroš in 2003 with headquarters at Gogoljeva 5. In the coming years, the practice of business law and business success resulted in cooperation with colleagues, associates who still accompany him today and form large team of Law Office Keca Uroš.

Key to the success of the Law Office Keša Uroš is in the good organization of the team members with respect to the individual’s initiative, all aimed at creating a good working atmosphere and a satisfied client.

Central area of work of Law Office Keča Uroš represents business law in the broadest sense, representation of domestic and foreign physical and legal persons before courts and administrative authorities of the Republic of Serbia, without neglecting other branches of law about which you can read more HERE.

More information about general terms and conditions for providing legal services you can read HERE.

Today, Law Office Keča uroš has fifteen members: lawyers, law trainees, administrative and professional staff.

The law office provides its services at headquarters – Bulevar oslobodjenja 79.

Law Office Keča Uroš, business law
Law Office Keča Uroš, business law

Law Office Keča Uroš