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Articles of Association drafting, company registration at the competent authorities, drafting decisions of companies and registration of all changes, legal advice and legal preparation for the process of increasing and decreasing capital, reorganization of companies, changes of legal form and status changes, merger, separation, legal advises regarding meetings of boards of directors and assembly of companies with decisions and other accompanying documents drafting;

We provide full service at all fazes of the privatization process, from the preparation of the tender procedure or the preparation for the participation in the auction until the changes in the subject of privatization;

Drafting various banking agreements and accompanying documents, legal advice on trading securities, procedures before the Securities Commission, loans, representation of banks and other financial organizations;

Representation in all civil and commercial disputes, representation in enforcement procedures;

Representation of parties in all administrative procedures before administrative bodies and court;

Representation of parties in tax procedures before the Ministry of Finance, tax administration, legal advice regarding tax system in Republic of Serbia;

Legal advice regarding locations for investing, procedures for location, construction, usable permission and all other necessary permissions from competent authorities, drafting construction contracts with contractors and subcontractors;

Drafting and legal advice for  all types of contracts, especially for sale of goods and/or services, production and distribution of goods and / or services, consulting services, mediation and agency, business cooperation, franchises and joint ventures, and other legal acts;

Legal advice in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, drafting of bankruptcy and liquidation submissions, representation of creditors and debtors in all phases of bankruptcy and liquidation procedures;

Drafting of all kinds of acts for companies regarding labour law, labour contracts and companies decisions regarding labour law; representing parties in labour disputes- either employers, employees, legal advice for all kinds of labour law infringements;

Legal advice for intellectual property, registration and protection of industrial property rights (patents, trademark, design protection, right of protection of the geographical indication);

Mediation and representation in divorce disputes, family disputes, inheritance proceedings, testaments drafting, drafting all kinds of family law contracts;

Defense, representation of damaged parties especially in criminal offenses against: life and body; honor and reputation; freedom; families; property; economy; human health; general safety of people and property; safety of public transport; state authorities; judiciary; public order and peace; legal traffic; official duty; commercial offenses.